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STPIDS Devlog #1

Two months ago I started a side project called Gamafish, with two purposes:
1. Have a free space where to make the games I would like to see out there
2. Help junior talents to find their first job in the industry

The first game is a 10 minutes reverse bullet-hell called Super Tiny People in Deep Space (STPIDS). The idea is to play with the fantasy of the family and with simple controls (like “Vampire Survivors”).

I manage to find a small team of fantastic talents. Ignacio KrichmanFabricio Gili BarbozaJessica Fung and Bárbara García.

(We are looking also for a Unity developer, right now I am coding everything.)

Here you can see what we have done with around 10 hours per week during one month or so. Imagine what it could be full-time! 🙂

Devlog No.1

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