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I love balancing

I’m here working for a good client balancing the resources of the game I’m helping design. A great way of closing my week!

Balancing offers a very interesting challenge to my mind. It’s about establishing intentions and predicting player behavior.

Balancing is not putting everything in balance. If everything is flat and there are no cliffs, everything also becomes monotonous. It’s about understanding and working on players’ intrinsic motivation to perform certain activities. Balancing does this through strategic introduction, gating, and withdrawal of game resources.

It’s a practical and concrete activity. Sometimes I have to change numbers on a spreadsheet. Other times I have to tweak numbers in the game engine.

Balancing is putting the game at play together with the Players. They use the mechanics as levers to create gameplay. We use numbers, flags, and other metrics. It’s very cool if you do it empathetic.

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