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Weird recruitment practices

There’s a weird trend lately.

I receive messages from companies looking for talent. They find my profile very interesting and that they have a great opportunity to show me.

I say that I work as a freelancer but listen to everything. If an interesting project comes out why not? Every game designer wants to do something great.

We organize a call and they start questioning absolutely everything. Some don’t even read my resume well. The other day: “So you started working as a game designer last year?”

Someone asks me for absurd specializations. “Are you a JIRA specialist?”.

JIRA? JIRA is a tool, not a technique! What the heck does it mean to be a JIRA specialist?

I describe my experience in detail, I am 40 years old and also have some white hair. And some companies give me homework to do as if I were a kid! Unpaid work. 10 days assessments with pitches, feature briefs, configurations, flowcharts, wireframes, asset lists… what? Are you looking for talent or for free work?

And then you see that job offers there forever. They cannot find the right fit. If we start treating people like professionals, not kids, talent will emerge.

Try this instead:

  1. look for interesting profiles and treat them like true experts, not someone to filter out. Start your relationships by giving people an A, the world will change.
  2. make meaningful questions with the purpose to start a professional conversation. In the real work environment, there is interaction, not solutions coming from one single person.
  3. if you find the person convincing, hire the person for a trial period. Only by working together, you will find the right fit.

I am sure you will also save a lot of time and money.

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