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Tools come later

During the development of a videogame you will notice that many activities are repetitive. Activities like putting texts into a dialogue system or assigning sprites to your boosters.

Game developers use to develop tools to make our life easy in our repetitive activities. So that we can focus, as designers, on what really matters.

From the other side, we should assure that the things that are being developed really matter! Game development, otherwise, will focus the efforts in developing tools.

Here’s a new tool that permits to easily download a PNG icon from our servers so that in our live events we don’t need to make another build for our players. Great idea. And then you discover that no one plays that kind of live event, so waste of time.

We develop a game for Players to have fun. We don’t develop a game for you having an easier life. Our focus should always be on the Players, tools come later.

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