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Here what I think of all this crypto fever

I think that technology is beautiful and is never neutral. I believe that video games have always been on the front line of tech utilization. Video games have always pushed the boundaries of technology. In the last decade, they started to become a real massive entertainment medium, influenced by movies and streaming platforms.

NFT, cryptocurrencies, tokens and so on are technologies. As technologies, I think that they can really help with some use cases and features for video games. As technologies they are not neutral. Right now, according to the experts, it is a problem for the environment. So that not only are they not neutral, they are at this very moment a dangerous tech. Also, those technologies will never become games themselves.

Play-to-earn games, for instance, are fun. They offer the investor fantasy, but in the long term when Players take them seriously, they are not a game anymore. They become a gamified investor experience, which is way different from a game. A gamified experience is an experience that adopts some element from games to be more enjoyable. Hardcore players of play-to-earn games do everything to earn more money. They actively participate in a community, they share things and make meaningful experiences. But the end game always involves a marketplace. Not beating the final boss, not climbing a leaderboard. Not for now, at least.

Then there is the industry. As I said in previous posts, the industry does not exist to me. People do. My honest fear is that a lot of money and effort will be completely wasted. Why? Because I look for the names of the founders of new startups and cannot avoid noticing that those people before were all-in on another smoky concept: e-sports. They focus on attracting investments and brands and create hype for some metaverse, but they are not fully aware of what it is to really make video games. They ignore the basics. That could never be good.

On the other side, I see veteran game developers lose their time on Twitter speaking against the “cryptobros”. They speak as the owners of the truth, they lived in the industry since its beginnings. And they mostly still have not realized how many surprises this industry brings. I remember greatly the things they said against the free-to-play business model. History proved them wrong. More than 50% of the global video games revenue comes from mobile. The industry grew and conditions for workers improved a lot thanks to the free-to-play. Whoever denies that, does not see the truth. Full stop. They are the people which really can use NFT tech in a useful way, anyway. They know how to create games and great playful experiences. If they could only put their ego aside, I am sure, they will really help shape the future of all of this.

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