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The power of greed

Don’t underestimate the powerful influence of greed, when you are designing systems for games. Greed usually ends up devouring every other motivation.

I do not think NFTs are the definitive solution to add the “true ownership” value, honestly. Still, there is something worthful in that concept. In fact, when you decide to invest a huge amount of money in your playful leisure (think in big spenders of f2p games or in collectible card game players) if you remain with nothing after you may probably regret your spending choices.

I appreciate this honest speech, also if I am not 100% into its conclusions. If you have an NFT that lets you chat with the service managers and join a VIP club, then you can eventually trade it. That means that the next person will eventually continue the established relationships. And that leads to community chaos. Maybe I am wrong, but I feel that certain perks need more design iteration.

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