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The idea: Duchess

I have an idea for an indie game and I am pretty bored at my dayjob, lately. So that I will explain it here, let’s see if thanks to that I meet the right people to do it.

Do you remember Duke Nukem 3D? Well, the idea starts from there. I was taking a mooc on Unreal Engine 5 and the project was a fps. What’s the best shooter I have ever played? Duke Nukem 3D.

come get some!

Why? Because it was simple, with a great level design and lot of monsters and you could really feel the character. Was funny, me and my brother were continuosly joking around his sentences and that badass attitude.

So that I was thinking: how would it be a character like that nowadays? Well, I believe it would be the opposite.

Duke Nukem was a white strong male. Duchess will be a skinny black girl. That’s the vision, basically.

First Moodboard

How about the gameplay?

I would like to try out a game which could be possibly exported to many platforms, also mobile. Recently I discovered Vampire Survivors, a great indie game on power creep. I would like to test out the same mechanics on a 1st person shooter.

Core Loop

You fire automatically. Just worry about moving and put in the right spot to kill monsters. Collect XP and coins. On level up, the Players will improve their arsenal. On game over, Players will unlock new things with the coins.

Who’s in for that? I think I need a 3d artist first and find out the possible artstyles.

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