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My feels and fears

I lost a professional contact the other day due to a personal point of view expressed online. My point of view is not yet formed, but we know the medium well. We often say things that aren’t reasoned enough, that’s how it is nowadays.

This person said that AI art violates the rights and people working in digital art. As far as I know, AI art algorithms try to mimic the learning process of a human artist. A huge amount of human work feeds the machine. Then the algorithm generates art based on the interpretation of a prompt.

It is possible to write prompts quoting famous artists’ names to achieve a very similar style.

This makes me think a lot. I’m impressed by the ability that a tool like Midjourney of inspiration offers me. I’m concerned about the use made of the results of these technologies.

It is abuse, in fact, even for me. I lost contact due to a misunderstanding and it doesn’t matter. Friendship remains, as we say in Italy. Yet, I agree that inspiration is one thing and copying is quite another.

Throughout my career, I’ve always watched artists take inspiration from Pinterest and ArtStation. Someone copied at least some parts. But the result is achieved with effort, which is being torn down today.

I feel these new technologies are like the advent of 3D. I feel that they are something really revolutionary and wonderful.

But I’m afraid that these technologies are abusive in so many ways. Our creativity must be preserved because it is what distinguishes us from animals. We cannot allow something created by us to hurt the souls of people in the name of higher productivity.

It is necessary to regulate.

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