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AI making games

Someday a generative AI will be able to create a release a complete videogame. Can you imagine that?

Yes, I can. But I am very skeptical about the quality, the value, and the timeline for that.

The creative process is very uncertain and risky. Specifically, you could work for months on something and then earn nothing. Many non-creative people would like to mitigate that risk. I get that for the true capitalist that’s juicy.

Now, think about yourself as a Player. You are downloading a fantastic new game that you purchased. And you know that a machine made the whole game. As a Player, you know you have to beat some useless obstacle not created by a team of people. You don’t have a true mind challenging you and presenting an opera. A machine did that and a company is asking to pay for it.

Can something like that be appealing to the people?

As a developer think about passing your days writing prompts and editing the results. Or better, remove the editing part. You have an idea and TA DA! Compile a superb game. A game you feel you couldn’t even imagine. And you didn’t have to pitch, discuss, get approvals. You didn’t have to struggle to find the right art style, the good coding structure, the best mechanics. You have it all in a few minutes.

Now think about it: how would you feel if you have to sacrifice one of the most important parts of being a person for speed, success, and revenue?

At the present time, I feel that there will be a split in game developers in case of the realization of this crazy prediction.

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