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New Year Wishes 2022 #1 – Wider Audiences

Those days I will publish everyday my wishes for the games industry in 2022.

My first desire for the new year is to see our beloved games industry reach new audiences. We saw in the last decade the increase of the audience thanks to the democratization of gameplay brought by free-to-play.

I believe that play-to-earn will bring new people in. Concretely, those who already like to play on the stock market, making growing or going down real stocks. Those people would probably never invest their time in a videogame. Well, with the opportunity to earn real money I am sure they will. With play to earn for them will be like playing on the stock market, except in a more fun way, without affecting too much the capitalistic market. A true game!

New technologies will probably bring new things that now we cannot imagine. I am happy to live this new change!

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