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The systems you need depend on the theme

Game theme is something that in f2p is not discussed too much. That’s a pity, in fact the art of game design is the craft of synthetizing a theme into a playful experience. All games have a theme. Also if you don’t think well on the theme of your game, your game will have a theme!

We often start by thinking in systems, directly. Specifically, we start from the economic system. But that is just one of the systems a game need. Also a f2p game, where the economic system is one of the most important.

Do this instead:

  1. Start with the theme: which is the theme of your game or the update of your game?
  2. Translate the theme to the genre: which genre is the new game/update?
  3. Think in all the systems needed to properly translate the theme into actual gameplay, according to the genre.
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