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Homa Games and Popcore cherry picking in Spain

I notice that the companies Homa Games and Popcore are recruiting many talents who have worked for years in large multinationals. Especially people from King and Scopely are migrating massively there.

If these corporations stopped inventing job titles to try to gratify their most bored staff.
And maybe stopped sending unnecessary technical tests to candidates and focused on finding and growing their talent.
And if they published the salaries with their job offers, to prove that they really are the professional organisation they claim to be.
If they stopped thinking about growth in the early stages of pre-production and focused on finding new winning formulas.

If all of this were satisfied, I’m sure, people wouldn’t move from there! The salaries are good, the colleagues certainly smart and experienced.

When I see so many people migrating to unknown companies, the conclusion I have is clear.

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