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Portfolio for juniors

The other day a guy asked me: “Should I add game deconstructions to my portfolio?”. He is a student, willing to join a company as a junior tech designer. I said “no”, and I was not sure it was the right answer after all.

When a company looks for a junior designer, it is not to grow their talent and all that. They derive technical tasks for the juniors. The seniors can focus on things related to the vision and the design strategy, then. Imagine you are a recruiter or a manager looking at a portfolio. What do you focus on?

The answer is that you focus on the technical skills. You want to know if you can give technical tasks to them. You want to know if with them you will be able to focus on higher-level chores.

A portfolio should be concise and straight to the point. Show 3-5 projects focusing on very technical things when you are a junior. Leave the analysis and the breakdowns to senior professionals on their blogs. They do not have time to focus on tech stuff.

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