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Pay-to-win is a necessary evil

Many developers working in the free-to-play arena declare themselves against pay-to-win. Pay-to-win is a series of flows geared toward getting players to pay for free games by tapping into their competitive motivations.

  • Are you stuck on a level? Buy a set of boosters.
  • Did you almost make it? Pay for extra movement.
  • Want to advance faster? With these gems, you can skip the waiting times.
  • Need to level up your characters? Buy card packs.

If we analyze the top-grossing rankings, we realize that in the top positions, there are only games that have these pay-to-win dynamics. This leads me to think that to create a service that is sustainable, it is inevitable to think in pay-to-win dynamics.

Instead of being against and working against the success of a service, it would be good to understand that many people find a sense of satisfaction in overcoming frustration. And capitalizing on this, in the context of the game, is an almost unbeatable way of generating profits.

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