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The levels beat chart is your best friend

Before you put your hand on the engine of choice and design your level, or even think in the level itself, it is good to have a beat chart prepared. In this way you can have a big picture of the result of the level design iteration.

The most common way of doing that is by using the most important tool for game designers: spreadsheets.

Prepare a sheet with the following information

  • Level: the number of the level in the sequence
  • Skill Atom: what should the Player learn/practice/improve in this level?
  • Minutes: how much time should the level last from start to finish in a perfect scenario?
  • Difficulty: what is the fail rate percentage of this level for an average player?
  • Skills: Core, Secondary, Obstacles and so on. Color those cells to represent the presence of old and new skill atoms in the level
  • Author: Who is in charge of designing this level?
  • Comments: after each iteration the other level designers can leave comments here