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Can a test help find a good game designer anymore?

Technical tests are part of the selection processes of the majority of big games companies all around the World. I tell you something: I have never passed a single one. Am I a bad designer, or is it just not the proper thing to do to find people like me?

Today we are in the times of multipotential. Profiles like a game designer are hard to find, because our value is shown more on the long term. I mean: a programmer can show instantly her C++ skill. An artist can show off 3D Studio Max abilities. When I say instantly, I mean the very first days working at a company.

A game designer is a facilitator of the act of game design inside of a team. We have technical skills that are just hard to show off in a small test. That is why usually the technical tests last one week. But, there is people like me that struggles really to work on anything for free. It is a matter of respect, a matter of professionality. Our time working has a value in money. Full stop. That is why people like me put a small effort in those tests.

“Oh, but if you want to join our company that is your goal!”. Unless you are very big and important, times are not like that anymore. Nowadays I don’t really know if I want to work with you, unless I spent some month already living the reality in working with you.

You can see my portfolio, you can speak with me and check out how I face the problems. That’s it. You don’t need a test, you just need to work with people like me and see what I am capable of.