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Indie Dev Day recap

This beautiful week was Indie Dev Day. I have seen this fair born and evolve, this year the growth has been astonishing.

Cities like Barcelona allow us to follow our passions. There are many entities that allow people to try and make their way into the industry of their dreams. We have free rights, healthcare is the classic example, so we can try without running too many risks.

What is talent? I did the math. I counted 101 stands with Spanish studios. Let’s say 1 out of 5 (I am being optimistic here) manages to find success.

What is success? As a talk from The Game Kitchen rightfully said: “Success is when you earn 1 euro”. You make the game, a bunch of people during years. Your time has a value, maybe you have salaries. Expenses. Then you start selling the game, and part of the revenues go to the platform and publishers. Eventually, you recoup and maybe you earn the first euro. Profit. 1 single euro. Can you do that? Well, you had success.

Now 76 teams, made out of 5 people on average, will not have success. 76×5 = 380 talents. Why talents? Because they struggled for success, they learned things the hard way. And, my bet, is they will be very grateful and compromise employees for companies. They have been on the other side, making hard choices.

I had the opportunity to try various games presented in more than 80 stands. There are three main trends:

  1. Conceptual games of simple artistic expression. They are presented as an installation rather than something with a commercial release.
  2. Content-based games. A story to complete, levels to pass. Time and energy are invested in content that is only experienced during a moment. You need a great vision.
  3. Games based on repeatable systems. Especially rogue-lite and coach co-op games. Games that invite you to play and repeat, and above all to connect with the community. Online, to understand which are the best builds (rogue-lite). Play with your family and friends at home (coach co-op).

These games I have to say are my favorites. Especially if RPGs, the genre that accompanied me to this profession.

Recommended games to check out:

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