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How to avoid a layoff

With the quake in the tech sector over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a trend. The blame always lies with the CEO on duty and never with us, the employees. Still, if we were a little better able to discern where to go, we’ll save ourselves a lot of headaches.

This article is for people with more experience. When you’re a beginner, in fact, it’s not only bad to have negative experiences. You need a job and even if you get fired, you probably won’t have mouths to feed and you will find other opportunities. For me there are so many opportunities out there.

When we have more experience we must instead pay attention to every detail. The first and most important one is the project in question. Not the salary, not the team. If you have experience, find a good project to work on. Here are my recommendations:

  • Is this a project in a new market, a kind of game that no one has ever made? A first-person platformer for mobile? A match-3 with shooter elements for PS5? If that market doesn’t exist yet, there is a reason. Don’t join them!
  • Is it a game that is more than a game is an experience in a parallel universe where people will be able to own what they win like owning a pair of shoes? Flee.
  • Is this a game that wants to enter a crowded market? This is a good start! Is the market red or blue ocean? Are there many or few competitors? What unique things are they willing to offer to their Players? what problems will be solved? If you notice that it’s a copy of a popular game with no real thought of what to offer, get ready for a round of layoffs. Followers always end up like that.
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