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People enjoy challenging fate

This truth is the basis of many of the first games that humans have played. I believe many have seen artifacts of ancient dice at some exhibit in the city.

Many people today condemn games that include gambling in their experience. “It’s just gambling, it’s not a game!”

And who are you to decide what a game is? To me it’s very simple: if there is a form of fun we can consider it a game. If people can learn something new without dying in the test, we can consider this test a game.

Gambling games, play-to-earn games, they are all games. They all offer their own form of entertainment.

Can a game ruin people? No. People ruin themselves. Accept it. People are a lot smarter than you think. Those who fall into addictions do so for a series of personal problems. It is impossible for a game, or any product, to be able to manipulate any human being.

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